As a student, many options are open to you. And it's possible that the decisions you make today will determine the course of your entire future. Of course, you want to be well rewarded, enjoy great opportunities and be totally supported in developing your skills. Who wouldn't? But there's something more to consider. Will what you do for a living actually make a difference to anyone but you? At ICC Lab., you can put such questions behind you.

From the day you join us, you'll be adding your efforts to our daily quest for healthier and happier lives. Namely, the belief that we can make the future better, plus the talent, energy and imagination to make sure that we do. If that sounds to you like a career choice worth making, here's where to start.


    Not Best, But First!

           Not Perfect, But Distinguished!



Prof. Promod K. Varshney visited Sogang Univeristy and had a Special Talk at July 18, 2014