Korea Research Foundation Research Project

2006.07.01 ~ 2007.06.30

Adaptive Online Management Algorithms for QoS Control and well-balanced Network Performance based on Multimedia Internet Services

Sogang University Research project

2006.07.01 ~ 2007.06.30

Adaptive Resource Management for Multimedia Wireless Networks

The IT R&D program of MIC/IITA [2007-S032-01] Project

2007.05.01 ~ 2008.01.30

Development of mobile application software development environment technology supporting multi-platformaptive Resource Management for Multimedia Wireless Networks

Mobile Network Framework Project

2008.09.01 ~ 2009.02.28 with EnSoft Co. Ltd.,

Mobile Advertising Technology and standard in converged service environment: Game & Multimedia Framework for Various Platforms.

Network-based Virtual Reality Framework Project

2009.09.01 ~ 2010.05.30 with EnSoft Co. Ltd.,

The potential of these techniques for an efficient integration into a virtual reality environment and for visualizing multi parametric data.

National Reserach Foundation of Korea Project

2010.09.01 ~ 2011.08.30

Research on Eco-friendly Power Control System by using the Evolutionary Game Model

Sogang University Leap-Forward Research project

2011.05.01 ~ 2012.04.30

Wireless Network Management Model by using Game Theory

National Reserach Foundation of Korea Core-Fundamental Project

2011.05.01 ~ 2014.04.30

Effective Network Resource Management System based on VCG Mechanism

Small and Medium Business Administration Project

2011.06.01 ~ 2014.05.30

Project with

(ITRC) Internet of Things Industrial Security Research Center

2014.06.01 ~ 2016.05.30

Project with Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

National Reserach Foundation of Korea Project

2015.11.01 ~ 2018.10.30

A traffic offloading framework development for real-time Internet Of Things systems with green ICT

(BK21 PLUS) Creative Data Engineer Development for Big Data

2013.09.01 ~ 2020.08.31

Project with National Reserach Foundation of Korea